Albany Speeding Tickets

Albany City Court is no doubt one of the busier traffic courts in the Capital Region. It's hard to drive down 787, Madison, Western, Washington, or Central Avenues without seeing someone pulled over and the blue lights flashing. The city of Albany is geographically small with stoplights almost every block - and where there are no stoplights there are stop signs. Speed limits as low as 30mph are very common even on open stretches of road that test a driver's self-control to the limit. Watch out for the troopers parked out waiting for you to fly by or you might end up with a speeding ticket in Albany. If you are so unlucky, give us a call at (518) 465-2211 or send an online inquiry. Consultations are free of charge and there's no obligation to hire us. We monitor our phones and emails all day, every day so it won't take us long to get back to you and hopefully resolve your traffic ticket dilemna. The best way to avoid these problems, of course, is to always watch your speed and drive safely.

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