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Whether issued in New York or any other state, a traffic ticket can effect more of your life than you might initially anticipate. Remember that fines, surcharges, and court fees in our state are particularly high and can range from $150 to several hundred dollars total. If you are considering contesting the ticket without the benefit of counsel, remember that in the event of an unfavorable disposition by the court, an error coram nobis can vacate an earlier court decision. Sometimes courts will allow you to plea the ticket yourself and sometimes you will need to have an attorney to represent you. In either case, count up the total costs of gas, travel time, missed work or other activity, plus the time you will want to spend familiarizing yourself with the local court policies and schedule, and you might begin to understand why so many people decide to hire a lawyer to handle their case for them. If you have a driver's license that was issued by another state, you may want to do some research on how your state's DMV records points or convictions in another state like New York, for example. Below are some additional resources that you may find useful in your search. Be sure to always consult competent legal counsel when making a decision regarding your case. Mr. Kehoe takes calls almost every day of the year and does not charge for consultations. These links are not necessarily endorsed by Mr. Kehoe.

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